A bit about Lindsay



My name is Lindsay and I am the founder of the Little Lab of Science. I am from Cambridge and live in the local area with my family.  I have a degree in Natural History and Marine Science, and have worked within museums and scientific publishing for over 10 years.  Since becoming a parent myself, I have noticed that there are a lack of science based classes and activites for smaller children in the area, and knowing that my little boy would have loved the chance to attend something like this gave me the idea of creating the Little Lab of Science.  


I am really excited to share my love of science with you and your children, and can't think of a better way of doing it than through a range of themed fun and exciting science activities.  I am a passionate believer that science doesn't have to be boring, and if you take a moment to slow down and look around, you will notice that the world around you through a child's eye is absolutely fascinating.


Although I have always been interested in science and the natural world, my real passion for it was ignited on August 11th, 1999 whilst standing in a field in a remote part of France. I stood watching in amazement as a shadow swept across the landscape as far as the eye could see, casting me in total darkness as a total eclipse took hold.  It was the most awe inspiring thing I have ever seen in my life and set me on course for a lifelong interest in science.


I have always wanted to share my love of science, and my background paired with my experience with young children provides me with the skills to be able to do this.  

About the Little Lab of Science


The Little Lab of Science was set up in 2016 by Lindsay Howell.  Being a mum to a curious little boy, Lindsay recognised that there was a desperate need for fun science based activities in the local area that unders 5s could enjoy with their parents.


A few months later, the first Little Lab was created in Lindsay's kitchen, with some of the first experiments involving volcanic explosions, ice fossils and dancing raisins - all of which were a huge hit with one little scientist!  Following the success of the experimental 'Little Kitchen Lab', Lindsay decided to share her love of science and embark on her biggest experiment yet - the Little Lab of Science!

Why is Science important?


Here at the Little Lab of Science we strongly believe that science doesn't have to be boring.  Science isn't about getting it right or wrong, it's about discovering something that amazes and inspires you.  There are many reasons why developing a love of science from an early age is important. Children are naturally curious and continually looking for answers in everything they see and do.  Through active play centered around science activites, children are able to develop the tools and confidence to explore, discover and understand the world around them.  Introducing a scientific process to children also enables them to develop other life skills as they grow, such as communication, problem solving, logical thinking and listening.  We firmly believe that the future is in the hands of the next generation and hope that the Little Lab of Science can help start your child's lifelong journey of discovery and exploration.