Our Classes


Welcome to the Little Lab of Science, a weekly term-time science class that has been designed specifically for children of pre-school age.  All of our classes have been created with the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) in mind and provide a warm and welcoming environment, in which your children can develop their confidence and skills whist having fun exploring and discovering a new and exciting scientific theme each week.  Your children will enjoy the exciting hands on approach to having fun whilst learning about the world in which they live - and did we mention that not only do they get to wear a lab coat and science goggles, they will also receive a sticker at the end of every class and a special science certificate at the end of each term!

What happens in our classes?

Our classes last for one hour and consist of three Little Lab Stations and a sensory area, all of which have been designed to bring each theme to life. During each one hour class, the children are free to move around the room, spending time on any of the stations and activities that most interests them. This is with the exception of the Experiment and Investigation Station, which the children will have fun taking part in as a group during the class.  The classes start with each child choosing their lab coat and finding their own Little Scientist name tag, they are then free to explore the Mini-Make Station, the Activity Stations and the Sensory Area, before being called over for the main experiment or investigation during the class.


We like to ensure that each little scientist has sufficient time to investigate each activity and so we typically have a maximum class size of 12 children, this also gives us time to have a one to one chat with your little ones about anything they (or you) may be curious about.  Younger siblings under the age of 2 are more than welcome to come along and watch their older brother or sister have fun doing science; however, we do ask that parents supervise the younger ones closely as some experiments may contain materials that are unsuitable for smaller children. 

If you think this is it's something you think your little one would love to get involved in, why not come along for a no commitment taster session* before booking your little one onto our termly course.  To book, or for further details, please contact discover@littlelabofscience.com.


Our Stations

The Little Lab Experiment and Investigation Station


The Little Lab Experiment and Investigation Station is where all the serious fun happens!  During every class, each child will spend a varied amount of time taking part in an exciting hands on scientific activity or investigation.  This could be anything from digging for fossils or making an explosive volcano, to using a magnifying glass to identify insects or learning about chemical reactions. Whichever theme we're exploring, you can be sure that the children will have a blast at this station.

The Little Lab Activity Station


The Little Lab Activity Station is comprised of 3 to 4 activities each week.  The activities presented will each focus on an aspect of the weekly theme and are intended to provide children the chance to have fun whilst interacting, investigating and playing; all of which will develop their communication, observation, listening and problem solving skills as they grow.  All of the activities have varying levels of difficulty and so there will always be additional pointers for parents to prompt and help their children whilst they are enjoying each one. The children (and even parents!) will be amazed by the interesting facts that they learn each week!

The Little Lab Mini-Make Station

The Little Lab Mini-Make Station is where the children can really get creative and take home their own mini science project!  Each theme will have an associated Little Lab Mini-Make, this could be anything from making a mini habitat for garden creatures or creating your own planet, to making a jellyfish in a water bottle or creating your own bead maze. Whatever the activity on offer, your child will be sure to have a great time making it.

The Little Lab Sensory Station


The Little Lab Sensory Station offers children the chance to get stuck in and explore our weekly themes through small world and messy play.  We know that sensory activites and messy play offer the opportunity to encourage and develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creative thinking - and so whether it is digging a vegetable patch, playing with marine animals in water or just getting messy, we know the children will be having fun whilst they develop those all important skills.  And did we mention they get to play with galaxy goo during our space themed week!

*Taster sessions are not available for Saturday Science workshops and are only applicable for term classes and available to children that are new to the Little Lab of Science.